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Infinity Cube
Infinity Cube
Infinity Cube
Infinity Cube

Infinity Cube

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Spinners making you dizzy? Then try the fidget cube! The Infinity Cube is a fidget-friendly piece of EDC made for one-handed focus and stress relief like its spinning cohorts but composed of 8 x 20mm cubes you can fold around, away from, and on top of one another,forming the toy into and out of a single 40mm cube.

Roll the Infinity Cube through your fingers a few times, and see if itsnever ending travels of open, open, shut, shut in any direction, it will be very addicting in your hands. This desktop accessories and pocketable fidget Infinity Cube is now the trendiest toy and you can’t find it in any other stores!

Everyone’s first reaction to Infinity Cube is “WTF is it?”. The second they play with it they never want to give it back to us. That’s the moment we realized that everyone needs an Infinity Cube, and so we had to build more.














Fidgeting with Infinity Cube will improve your focus, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. It’s the perfect office desk accessory, allowing you to fidget with one hand and work with the other. Take a break and fold it over and over again while you brainstorm ideas.





Take a break from your stress inducing phone and relax with Infinity Cube.



A fidget break while studying or working will relieve the built up anxiety and stress, clearing your mind to tackle that project.







No corners are cut in the fabrication of each Infinity Cube.





Each sub cube is precisely machined and assembled to form an overall size of 40mm cubed.

When laid flat, Infinity Cube is only 20mm thick, no thicker than your wallet, and easily pocket-able.



Infinity cube has a solid feel and smooth surfaces so it feels great in your hands.